CDBet88 Affiliate Programme

Benefits of joining us

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How to apply?

Contact our Affiliate Relationship Manager to start earning commission immediately!

 Commission Calculation 

Com Calculation EN WaterM


Positive revenue is gained when we make a net profit off your referrals, and negative revenue happens when we make a loss off your referrals.

Affiliate commission = [(Total win/lose) – (red packet & bonus) – (Platform fee)] x Commission Percentage

For example:

Total win/lose = US$ 10,000 win (member loses)
Red Packet or bonuses = $1,000
Affiliate commission = 30%
Platform Fee = $1,500

Affiliate commission = ($10,000 – $1,000 – $1,500) X 30%
= $7,500 X 30%
= $2,250

 Terms & Conditions 

Please read these terms carefully. You must read, agree with, and accept the terms and conditions. By continuing, you are bound to these terms and indicate your continued acceptance of these terms.

  1. Minimum requirement of at least 2 active members to start earning the commission
  2. Active Member Definition refers to members who have at least 1 deposit per month, with a minimum of $10 per deposit
  3. All affiliates must fulfill both conditions of member net loss and the total number of active members, then the affiliate can get the commission or be upgraded to the next tier
  4. You can increase your commission amount either by
    • Increase in members’ net losses
    • Increase number of active members
  5. Negative income in any month will be carried forward to the next month
  6. Poker is not included in the commission plan shared in the above table and will not be considered.

 General Rule 

  1. This promotion is valid for all CDBet88 members
  2. Calculation period 1st day of the month – last day of the month
  3. Payout will be made before the 10th of the following month
  4. Commissions are payout in cash, transferred directly to your bank account (not credits in our system)
  5. Members are required to contact our Affiliate Manager for affiliate account opening
  6. Example Calculation: (Company Wins – Red packet/bonus – Platform Fee) * 30% Commission
  7. When a member fails to participate fully or violates or abuses any offers or promotions of the company regulations, or we have any evidence that there are any groups or individuals associated with the investment under a series of bets, we reserve the right to stop these groups or individuals or cancel the promotion/commission.
  8. Affiliate members strictly cannot earn commissions on their own. If a member creates an account for himself, their account will be terminated, and commissions will be forfeited.
  9. Please note that any application is subject to approval. Case by case basis.

CDBet88 Casino reserves the right to alter, amend, and/ or add any of the above terms without prior notice.

 Supporting Marketing Materials 

CDBet88 can support all our Affiliate Agent with Graphics Design (logo, posters & banners) or Video support. Feel free to discuss with your Affiliate Relationship Manager for more details!